Tuesday, 23 September 2014


So, I love neutrals!  As you know grey is probably my first color choice for a lot of my basic, comfort clothes.  It looks great with prints, bright colors, denim and other neutrals therefore it's a winner in my eyes.  I prefer to buy majority of my wardrobe in easy neutrals with an occasional, and often seasonal, pop of color.  When I say neutrals I am thinking.......white, black, grey - dark charcoal all the way through to dove grey, camel/tan and blush pink/nude and I am going to say denim.  When these colors are the backbone of your wardrobe anything bright or patterned will match up and there won't be a million different pieces that don't go together.  My wardrobe in my early 20's had lots and lots and, let's be honest, lots of clothes, but not a lot of them went together to make up a huge number of outfits!  Now each season I just tweak my color scheme with some current colors that I am loving (baby blue and soft leopard print for spring) and all the rest is neutral city!

Images from pinterest.com, bassike.com, polyvore.com

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