Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Away with the fairies.

So, as I mentioned, we are going on holiday!!!!  My little princesses are very excited.  They are counting down the days!  Unfortunately, my youngest princess doesn't quite understand the concept of days, weeks and months and every day asks if we are leaving in one more sleep!!!  Much like me they have started to choose their holiday wardrobe and here are some of the many things they plan on squeezing into their suitcase.  4 more weeks to go!  There's nothing like being prepared/packed!  I have trained them well :)

Swimsuits and rash vests....I almost prefer to put them in bikini bottoms and a rashy for extra protection:

Towels and a hooded poncho:                                                                                                                  


Sandals, espadrilles and jellys for the beach/poolside:


Shorts and a flip skirt:

Tees and tanks:


Bags for poolside necessities and a hand bag for evenings:

Nightie or shortie pjs:

 Sunglasses to protect their little peepers:

Suitcase in a pretty pastel:

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