Friday, 13 March 2015

Cashmere dreaming.

So, as the temperature starts to drop and we say good bye to daylight savings, I have started planning, and buying, my winter wardrobe.
Top of my list of things for winter this year is a cashmere jumper or cardi.  Cashmere is perfect for winter- so light and easy to wear, it does't make you look or feel too bulky , and yet, it's super toasty when it's cool.  Gorgeous and soft next to the skin.  A little bit of luxury rather than scratchy wool or fluffy mohair that ends up up my nose, in my mouth and stuck in my eyelashes!!!!
So many beautiful things I can't decide which to choose.  Definitely viewing it as an investment piece so it needs to be a classic cut and either a grey or black so that I can wear it with anything and everything!  Here are some of my faves.........

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