Monday, 25 August 2014

Denim lover

So, I love denim!  I love that you can dress it up and down. I love that you can wear it baggy or tight. High waisted, mid waist or low slung. Boot leg, straight leg, flared, skinny, relaxed or boyfriend they come in a style to suit every body shape.  Wear them with heels, sandals, slides, boots. I love that you can steal your boyfriends.  I love that there are distressed styles. Shirt, vest or jacket.  Jeans of every color and description.  Shorts, skirts and dresses.  Denim looks awesome as any piece of clothing!  And denim goes with any color.  It's a classic staple that is a necessity in everyone's wardrobe. I love wearing my boyfriend jeans, boxy tee, boyfriend cardi, birkenstocks and a fedora or popping a denim jacket or vest over a cute summery dress.  In my opinion you can never have too many pairs of jeans or shorts!  The only bad thing about denim is trying jeans on.  It's tricky finding the perfect fit....tight enough that when they stretch they won't be falling off but comfy enough that you can breathe and don't feel like they are going to tear at the seams when you bend over.  As a total short ass it is almost impossible to get a pair of jeans that don't need to be taken up about 5inches which, can totally change the look of them. It's also hard to get a pair that have ankle zips which is a look I love.  A sneaky trick I have discovered though, is to buy ankle or crop styles which usually means they are the perfect length for my 5'2 vertically challenged self.  And now, even better, it is once again acceptable to go double denim! Yay!!!!

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